::: Introduction

The purpose of this site is to help surfers in europe to find a spot to park your van.
All the parking spots are visited by myself. You can find info on prices and facilities, but also some info on the enviroment and waves.
I used to be travelling in a old Volkswagen van. This was a pop-top camper with a genuine boxer engine in the back
Absolutly a perfect van. Only a bit small when you are travelling with a few people, surfboards and bikes.
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::: RV Park, Aire de service Camping car

On this page are the RV parks i visited in Europe (mostly france).
This section is growing every week.
Prices, options en enviroment are named in this section.
Use the pull-down menu to go directly to the spot of your choice.
If you want to add an RV park please email to info@campingcar.nl
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::: Links

When you are planning your trip you have to search for trailer parks. On this site i only place parking spots close to the coast or in the mountains. Boarders only.
Check out the link-page for more spots across europe. And also for weather and waveheights.
It is true freedom when you destination is guided by the weather.

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